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High Income Potential

Trading under your own name a Vehicle Partners Licence offers you the opportunity to build a lucrative side arm to your existing business by offering Vehicle Leasing Solutions to your client base.

You can earn a significant income per annum utilising our systems, processes, skills, knowledge, and support. We do all of the administration and processing work for you too after the order has been taken. This frees you up to focus on winning new business and account management to  maximise your income.

Vehicle Solutions at Competitive Prices

As a Vehicle Partners Licensee you would be able to supply any vehicle in the market place at very competitive prices with access to all the main funders, manufacturers and dealers. We also keep you updated on a daily basis of any special deals that are made available to us.

Up Front Commission Payments

Once a vehicle has been delivered to your client and signed for this triggers your commission payment. Commission is paid up front and in full within 14 working days of the vehicle being delivered.

No On Going Royalties or Monthly Fees

After the initial upfront payment there are no on-going royalties or monthly fees to pay.

Low Overheads

There is very little additional overhead required to run this business because you can run it from home or from where your existing business operates.

We arrange funding and all the work involved in ordering and delivery the vehicle to your clients.

Training and On-going Support

On-going comprehensive training and support will be given to licensees which combines on the job and office based training.

Two full time employees of Vehicle Partners are in place to support your business on a day to day basis as well as a full admin team to process deals. You will have dedicated support directly from the people who have successfully built the business.

Lead Generation and Marketing Assistance

Vehicle Partners has a proven business formula for generating leads and business to help maximise your earning potential.

The three key areas which cover this in your training and Operations Manual are the Client Experience, Telephone Scripts and Maximising Earnings which covers target markets, sales activity, lead generation tools and techniques, lead conversion and money in the deal.